OxygenD's Editor Blog with Diane Hart

Friday, July 31, 2009

Let us in on your secrets!

To my mind, the best motivators can often be right next to you – in the express line in the grocery store or behind you as you pick up your toddler at daycare. It is, I think, in the sharing of stories that we often derive the most inspiration. And you’ll find tons of it in our Abs Special where we actually reprint comments and tips from readers like you in our feature “You Told Us! (The secret to great abs)” on page 104. Let us in on your secrets right here!


  1. It's tough to get (and stay!) motivated. For me, making work out plans with a friend really works. I schedule it into my week like I would any other appointment. That way, there are no excuses!

  2. Nothing motivates me more than a serious challenging goal, which is one of the reasons I compete in fitness/figure events. Even when I'm done competing, I'd like to either do strongman events or triathlons. It takes a big challenge to keep me on track, motivated and excited about my training!

  3. I love signing up for races! I love lifting, but cardio can be hard to do sometimes. So racing is definitely motivation, because if you don't train, you can't finish! I've done three half marathons, two half ironmans, and going for my fourth half marathon with my fiance...we're running it the week before our wedding. A great way to get in shape together for the wedding and look/feel great on our honeymoon! :)