OxygenD's Editor Blog with Diane Hart

Monday, April 11, 2011

California bound!

Heading to sunny (hopefully!) California this week and can't wait! Am frantically trying to get things in order before I leave but wanted to drop in and say hello to all. I've been trying to crank up the miles on the weekends - with the half marathon looming in less than a month, it's about time! But I also wanted to hit my upper body in the gym and that's what I did on Sunday....paying the price today!

Question: When you work out for longer than an hour, how do you refuel? Sports drink, protein shake, goo????? Or do you stick to water until you get a chance to grab a carbs/protein snack?

Let me know! I want to try it out wayyyyy before the race!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Oxygen book!

Here it is, on sale this week! I'm so excited about it - let me know what you think!!!!!

btw, you can buy it online too: just go to oxygenmag.com/books - it's $9.99 US.

(hope you like it!)

Question: What are your eating challenges today?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Check out your cover!

One of the best times at the Arnold this year was having you and other Oxygen readers up on stage in front of our "mock" covers - all of you looked terrific! Have a look on Facebook....

Friday, April 1, 2011

What's your opinion?

I did a boot camp recently (thanks to pro triathlete Heather Gollnick at Sandpiper Bay, Florida!) and what a blast! A minute never seemed so long and then onto the next challenge - burpies to V-sits to Bosu balancing to running around pylons....a 45 minute calorie sizzler. (Although I did many push-ups, I wanted to spend more time in the gym doing weights....on vacation, I actually like testing out all the facilities!)

Question: When you go on vacation, what do you look for in a hotel?