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Friday, July 24, 2009

Run outside!

I just love it when stories get shared among like-minded women who are passionate about fitness. And that’s exactly what happened just a week or two ago when three inspirational women – Marjo Selin, Anja Langer and Tosca Reno, got together at a photo shoot to talk about what keeps them motivated. Tosca, author of the best-selling Eat-Clean series and our Raise the Bar columnist, was recalling how on a recent vacation she loved running outside on the beach. Not only did she work her legs and butt, she said, but she also told us she felt it in her obliques. And in our Abs Special, experts all agreed on the importance of working all areas of your core with more than just crunches. So take a page from the gals of fitness and mix it up a bit. You’ll not only stay interested – you just may surprise yourself – and your muscles!


  1. I love running outside! Even better is participating in a local race. Keeps you motivated a lot more than just recreational running does.


  2. Not sure if everyone knows about this site, so just wanted to share! :) I get bored easily with repetitive runs, so I use mapmyrun.com to find new paths. You can use it anywhere in the world! Just type in your starting location, and it'll show you the map of the area. Point and click your way along roads and trails, and find a loop or out-and-back you'd like to do! It tells you the distance as you're charting it, and you can check out the topography...I use it for all the races I train for! There's also mapmywalk.com (I try to walk as many errands as possible!) and mapmybike.com