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Monday, August 3, 2009

Love those jeans

I absolutely love to hear from you! Here are some letters I’ve received about the Abs Special and the Fat Loss Special. Keep ’em comin!!

I absolutely loved the photos of Maggie in her jeans and tank top in the Abs Special. The fitness clothes are great too, but it was very inspiring to see her in everyday clothes. It’s one more picture to hang on my fridge to keep me on the right track! Also, I found it a great help to see a sample of Fran's workout schedule as well as a typical day in her diet in the Fat Loss Special. I would really love to see you do that with every cover model in every issue. It really helps me get closer to my fitness goals.

Psssst! We always run our cover girls’ training routines and meal plans online! Check them out here!

I just bought the Abs Special graced with the beautiful Maggie D. I kept looking at her in those jeans! I almost forgot that I don’t walk around in my bikini and sportswear all day, and although I strive to have a bikini-worthy body, being sexy and feeling great in jeans or any other ensemble is what counts. The photos really pointed that out for me.

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