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Monday, July 13, 2009

Set your own clock

At its quietest, my gym can be an oasis in the mornings. Peaceful (much more so than after work) and unfettered, the perfect place to jump-start my day. And the prospect of a quiet hour to myself is one of the reasons I’ll set my alarm clock for 5 am – I love the peace of the gym in the mornings. Finding the perfect time to work out – mine and not anyone else’s – is one of the key reasons I’ve been able to stick to my workout. And if I decide to do cardio – another important part of any flat abs routine – then the morning works best for me. And scientific research supports the fact that early cardio, on an empty stomach, produces first-rate results. If you want to mix up your own cardio routine, there’s a terrific 20-minute fat blaster in our new Abs Special. I tried it and loved the fact I was in and out of the gym so quickly! Plus, I knew I was revving up my fat-burning metabolism for the rest of the day, getting the blood flowing early on and feeling energized to tackle the world.

Everyone has a good time to work out. When is yours? Do you also find that a good time to work out is in the morning? Does it work better for you?


  1. 5 am???? if that's not motivation, i don't know what is! i wish i could work out in the mornings, but i always sleep in for as long as i possibly can. exercising after work, before dinner always works best for me.

  2. i would love to workout in the mornings, best way to start your day. plus you don't have to worry about whether you'll be able to fit it in later. BUT it hardly ever works with my family's schedule. and sometimes i feel sick/faint if i exercise too rigorously on an empty stomach. so i usually do my workout in the afternoon.

  3. I too am in the gym BY 5am. At first I did it because it was most convenient. Eventually, I grew to love with my AM workouts, for many reasons including the ones you've mentioned. I also noticed that my metabolism sky-rocketed, allowing me to drop a little extra body-fat. However, I find it difficult to get in there on empty. I always have a protein shake (w/fruit) around 4:30am to get me through both an intense weight session and cardio!

  4. I am trying to reset my clock so I can get back to 5am workouts. The gym is now a little farther and I am hoping my new puppy will sleep through my early departure then be ready to wake when I arrive back home. I dropped 30 pounds 2 years ago. 15 are back so now I'm going back to the routines that made me successful and the begins with 5am workouts