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Friday, October 30, 2009

Cover worthy? You bet!

You never know what might happen at any cover shoot and this one with Amy was no different. Have a peek at this video and see why Amy had what it takes to land a cover for Oxygen's new collector's special Off the Couch! Motivation for Real Women. Get your issue HERE!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Preparation – the secret to success!

It's funny how the mind works – you finally get off the couch and into the gym. You've made it past obstacle one – but now that you're at the gym, what are you supposed to do?

Well, after a lot of trial and error, I’ve learned you need a detailed plan to get the results you want. Oxygen’s Off the Couch! cover gal Amy sheds some light on how to prepare for the gym workout ahead of time. Check out her success story featured in the current Oxygen collector's issue, Off the Couch! Motivation for Real Women.

Watch Amy's first tip here!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Oxygen’s Off the Couch! cover gal Amy chats with me.

Amy and I took a little break at her cover shoot at photographer Paul Buceta’s studio. It’s so great learning more about her! Find out what makes her tick in this quick Q & A (it just may surprise you, inspire you, motivate you!).

…..Thanks again for posting such great comments here at Oxygen’s “The Real Deal” blog. I love to read them! I’ll try to meet your needs to “snoop” behind-the-scenes as much as I can. Talk to you Monday!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Look what’s in this model’s lunch bag!

At any photo shoot, the days can be long. I always find it interesting to learn how a fitness model stays properly fuelled on the set. Here, in this video, our model Fran Dennis (a mother of six, btw!) shares her secrets to eating on set or whenever she’s on the go. Her key to it all? Proper planning. (and a whole lot of oregano!) Do you have any tips to share about how you stay on track with your nutrition? Tell me about it here or in on our Have Your Say form – I just might feature your advice in an upcoming Oxygen special! Talk to you Friday!

Friday, October 16, 2009

“I need your help!”

If there’s anything I’ve learned as editor-in-chief of the inaugural issue of Off The Couch! Motivation for Real Women it’s this – women like you and me never tire of inspirational stories. And that’s why I’m asking for your help. I’d love to know if you’ve undergone a transformation and how it’s changed your life. I can’t tell you how many of us here at the office have been inspired by the everyday stories of truly extraordinary women, all of whom had the great courage to tell their stories (and submit their photos!). It’s that great courage that has ultimately created such a wonderful, lively magazine. I hope you agree. Tell me which story is your favorite and then consider sharing your story with me. Send me a note anytime – can’t wait to hear from you! Talk to you Monday!

P.S. Here’s a letter I just got. Thanks so much for your kind words Susan! I wanted to let you all know that you can buy Off the Couch! here if you don’t see it on stands in your city or town.

Just a quick email to thank you for writing an inspiring blog. I’m really enjoying it and it’s helping me keep on track with my fitness and clean eating. Really looking forward to getting the collector’s issue – I’m hoping it will be available in Ireland. –Susan

Monday, October 12, 2009

Amy Barnes shares her tips for success!

If you think 20, 30 or 40 pounds are hard to lose (they are!), consider 339 pounds! Getting started is often the most difficult part to a successful weight loss plan. Our Off the Couch! cover model Amy Barnes opens up in our new issue and tells readers how she lost 339 lbs. If that isn't enough, here—in the first of a series of video clips for my blog—she shares with us the psychology that fueled her successful journey of weight loss and provides some tips that kept her on track.

In this first video, Amy gives us tip #1 on getting started—the scoop on what it was like for her and how she managed to start and stick with her fitness and weight loss plan.

If you like the one below, check out Amy's next tip here!

Friday, October 9, 2009

86 and still going strong!

Our brand new collector's edition, Off the Couch! Motivation for Real Women, is chock full of inspiring and motivational stories of how regular women have shed their weight and kept it off.

When it comes to weight loss and staying on track with your fitness and health goals, motivation is a key element – and that's why an entire section of our brand new collector's edition, Off the Couch!, is devoted to the topic of motivation.

Here's something that may help motivate you. While on the photo set for one of our feature spreads for Off the Couch!, model Fran Dennis showed us what motivates and inspires her to keep on track with her fitness and heath. Check it out!

Do you have something that motivates you too? Tell me about it in our comment section below or, better still, e-mail some photos of what inspires you to stay on track at "Have Your Say"

Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting the shot!

You may not believe it but sometimes getting the shot isn't always as easy as it looks. I mean, after an eight-hour photo shoot getting the "High Five" shot for my editor's letter wasn't as easy as "1, 2, 3, high five!" You can't take yourself seriously all the time – so enjoy a giggle and watch this clip as Off the Couch! cover model Amy Barnes and I struggle to get that shot and have a lot of fun along the way!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Take a flying leap with Leigh!

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of model Leigh Hickombottom as she takes to the air during a recent photo shoot for Off the Couch! On sale next Tuesday (October 6th).