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Friday, October 23, 2009

Oxygen’s Off the Couch! cover gal Amy chats with me.

Amy and I took a little break at her cover shoot at photographer Paul Buceta’s studio. It’s so great learning more about her! Find out what makes her tick in this quick Q & A (it just may surprise you, inspire you, motivate you!).

…..Thanks again for posting such great comments here at Oxygen’s “The Real Deal” blog. I love to read them! I’ll try to meet your needs to “snoop” behind-the-scenes as much as I can. Talk to you Monday!


  1. Bravo!! Thanks so much. I love getting to see how "real" these inspring women are - I especially loved how Amy kind of groaned about her choice of cardio! It motivates me to see these women in the flesh - not just in a staged photo shoot. And Amy - you are truly rockin'!
    Please keep this up!

  2. I love seeing the behind the scenes with Amy... what a true motivation! Keep these coming... I agree...its good to know that there are fitness people that aren't fond of cardio either! I love her.. she is my new "idol"!

  3. I laughed because she had to think about every answer except the chocolate one : ) It's always fun to hear these little snippets from the athletes, thanks!

  4. YES! Thanks foe the off the couch issue, Best Oxygen issue yet!!

  5. very good magazine