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Friday, October 9, 2009

86 and still going strong!

Our brand new collector's edition, Off the Couch! Motivation for Real Women, is chock full of inspiring and motivational stories of how regular women have shed their weight and kept it off.

When it comes to weight loss and staying on track with your fitness and health goals, motivation is a key element – and that's why an entire section of our brand new collector's edition, Off the Couch!, is devoted to the topic of motivation.

Here's something that may help motivate you. While on the photo set for one of our feature spreads for Off the Couch!, model Fran Dennis showed us what motivates and inspires her to keep on track with her fitness and heath. Check it out!

Do you have something that motivates you too? Tell me about it in our comment section below or, better still, e-mail some photos of what inspires you to stay on track at "Have Your Say"


  1. Fran, it was a pleasure working on set with you - you gotta give yourself credit too - you just turned 40 this year and you are an inspiration to us as well!

  2. That is cool! Gives us all hope that we can keep going well into our 80's : )

  3. Many times a week I think I'm turning 41... what else do I have and why does getting healthy make a difference... Then I look at my mom (62) and my grandmother (89)... I have up to 50 more years of Good Living left in me - that is motivating to make the difference today.