OxygenD's Editor Blog with Diane Hart

Friday, October 30, 2009

Cover worthy? You bet!

You never know what might happen at any cover shoot and this one with Amy was no different. Have a peek at this video and see why Amy had what it takes to land a cover for Oxygen's new collector's special Off the Couch! Motivation for Real Women. Get your issue HERE!


  1. Got the issue and it's great! It's amazing what can be done with some hard work and dedication : ) How exciting for Amy!

  2. I adore her... to see her get emotional...makes her even more real. She is genuine and strong.. I loved that she was dancing on stage..I bet she didnt think that video was going to be aired on here! Way to go amy for being such an inspiration... Everyone here at work has a new walking group during the lunch hour..and when ever anyone doesn't feel like it or isnt motivated... someone ALWAYS says.. Amy did it, we can too!! Thanks for sharing this segment with us... we wait anxiously each week to see new video footage of her!! thanks again Oxygen for providing us a REAL role model!!