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Friday, October 29, 2010

What do You Think?

I have to say thanks to all the gals who have replied with their own inspirational stories on this blog about my disappointment in missing the half-marathon. Like many of you, I at least was gratified to know my donation was going to a good cause - diabetes prevention. But all your own stories of much more profound disappointments were really touching, so I thank you! I went for a run this week with the gang here at work and it went well - so well I even went to the gym to do back and bis that evening! (have to admit I ache a bit!). How long did it take you to get back to exercise once you were out? If you have any post-injury tips, I'd love to know! Have a great weekend and we'll chat next week.


  1. I used to practice Shotokan Karate. Injury was part of the daily routine in terms of pushing muscles and tending to deep foot blistering (even for those of us who had major calluses). The worst was when I caught a cold and couldn't breathe even with the help of decongestants. I could not work out, and this always caused me to have to take it easy and wait for 2 weeks, once I was able to train again, to notice that I was back in peak form. The biggest help for me while sick was doing small exercises like isotonic exercises and most especially breathing exercises. Both of these things kept me focused, which is where the real prize is in anything we do.

  2. Susan, you're right on the money. Focus is all-important - thanks for sharing! (I also find when I'm injured or ill, I try to read up on new routines/techniques so when I get back I'm refreshed, body and mind).