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Friday, October 1, 2010

The inside scoop on Erin Stern

Oxygen cover girl Erin Stern placed first at the Olympia last weekend! We caught up with her this week...read on!

How does it feel to be the Olympia Figure champion?
It’s a dream come true. It’s something that when I first got my pro card I wanted to achieve...it’s been about two years in the making and it feels really good.

Where you surprised?
I was surprised, but on the other hand it was something that I had been visualizing that I wanted so badly so it was like things were happening just as I had envisioned they would. But then it’s always a surprise when it actually happens.

Did you have any of your family or friends there to support you?
Yes, actually I had some friends from Tampa who came out, and my little sister was there, and my cousins and father were there.

Leading up to the competition, what elements were critical to getting yourself ready?
Getting myself ready physically is always the easy part, but I have to get myself ready mentally. And I had four second-place pro finishes leading up to the Olympia and it was just because I didn’t want to win badly enough, and I didn’t present myself with confidence. And I really worked on being more confident on stage and it seemed to pay off.

What tactics did you use to make yourself more confident on stage?

Just telling myself that I deserve to be there, that I put in the hard work, to thinking of something that would make me smile onstage to have a genuine smile, to just working on my walk and having my shoulders back and something that would show off my physique without coming across as just being fit. So just the little things.

What did you envision to make you smile when you were on stage?
I was thinking, it was kind of funny...I usually think of stuff that my sister and I do because we always laugh...right before I went on stage this time I was thinking about trading my old truck in for a new Camaro and how nice that would be driving down Bayshore with the windows down...it made me smile. I probably won’t get the car, but it was a nice thought.

Now that you have the highly coveted Olympia Figure title under your belt, what’s next?
I have several goals and I’m actually sitting here writing some down. My next goal is to be the next Figure International at the Arnold classic, I’d like to find a high jump pit so I can train and finally clear six feet, and with practice I know I can do it and it’s been one of my goals since I was eighteen years old, so I want to do that this year. Also, I want to do something good with the title and it’s going to give me a platform to be able to reach out and talk to girls about moderation and training properly and building self-confidence and really making a positive impact on the sport.

Are you taking a week off?
I started lifting yesterday – I took a week off before the show when I was getting ready so I had my break and I think I ate my body weight in sushi on Sunday night...so I figured I probably should start working out.

When is your next competition?
It will be the Arnold Classic, and that’s usually the first week of March.

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