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Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Q&A with Jessica Putnam!

1. What is it about the fitness industry that you love and why?

I love the fitness industry because it is full of like minded passionate people that LOVE health and fitness just like I do!

2. Why did you decide to compete in bikini after being in figure for so long?

I always had a hard time building muscle (especially in my legs). I was never the most muscular, lean or hard figure competitor. When bikini came around it just seemed like it would be a natural fit for me and my body type. I love the look of bikini!

3. How does your husband support your fit lifestyle?

My husband is IFBB Pro bodybuilder Peter Putnam. It's great being married to someone in the industry because we really support each other – we are each other's biggest cheerleader and fan. It's nice because we both know what the other is going through when we prep for a show, we can train and do cardio together and we each pitch in on cooking the food.

4. What do you love most about Olympia?

The Olympia is amazing...its definitely not just another show. It is the Superbowl of the fitness industry! I love it because you get to see all of your friends in one place and it is an honor to compete on the Olympia stage.

5. How has your nutritional diet changed from preparation between figure and bikini?

I still eat six to eight small meals a day. I just add a little bit more good carbs and fats in my diet. I can also do a cheat almost every week, but it is a pretty clean cheat! (Usually it is sushi:)

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