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Friday, October 8, 2010

Go ahead, indulge a little!

I have to tell you, we are getting a storm of controversy over a comment a reader made to our publisher Robert Kennedy in our recent Off the Couch! issue. She went so far as to say he was disgusting for giving in to a temptation and having the odd chocolate bar now and again. Well, here's what I think – so what? I agree that you don't want to make a habit of scarfing down huge boxes of chocolate...but now and again I think it's important to relax, indulge and treat yourself. Sure, stay active and eat well, but if you want a piece of chocolate, go ahead and have it. As an aside, thanks to reader Nanette Hoskins for this note: "I wanted to share an idea for clean Thanksgiving recipes. Instead of stuffing, this year we'll make a Waldorf salad with apples, celery and chestnuts. For dessert, we'll bake sweet potatoes with cinnamon and honey." Mmmmm! Sounds great! Thanks again Nanette!

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