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Monday, August 24, 2009

It’s all about the clothes and make-up! (aka Sabrina and Rachel!)

I have to say that the crew we work with here at Oxygen and Oxygen Specials is a find – Sabrina Rinaldi (left) is always on the hair/make-up gig – she and stylist Rachel Matthews-Burton (right) are a great team. Both were on hand for the cover shoots for our Abs Special and our upcoming Motivation Special. Rachel, expecting her first child in another few weeks, continued to busily run around the set adjusting tops, clipping belts and making sure everything looked correct on the models. Sabrina did the same – see their work in both our Abs Special and the upcoming one on Motivation for Real Women, Off the Couch!

BTW, those stories you’re sending me at Have Your Say are truly moving – keep sending them to me! I can’t get back to all of you but be assured I read every word and love to hear about each and every time you’ve fallen behind in your weight loss or fitness goals. After all, I’m like you – I need to get motivated by others!

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