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Friday, August 14, 2009

What’s your story?

This week, I heard from a woman in her 40s who felt inspired to write to me. She told me how much she’s changed her perceptions about age and fitness simply because of our mag. She told me a rather poignant story about how she put up with a thoughtless boss for years who constantly made derisive comments about her weight. At the time, she said she thought she was “too old” to change. What nonsense! We hear from readers of all ages about how they’ve embraced fitness and a new life – and have been transformed by it. Happily, once she picked up our mag, she never looked back. Pat yourself on the back, Lisa!

What’s your story? I’d love to hear about it! Tell me about it by filling out our online form and your story may run in an upcoming issue…

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  1. I have been wanting to write for a long time but it seems like what I want to say has been said by others until now. I have always been into working out since it gives me a piece of mind and a feeling of euphoria each morning after a good workout. I have also been an avid subscriber of Oxygen and other fitness magazines as well. But I religiously review the Oxygen back issues and Oxygen is by far my favorite fitness magazine. I only follow what makes sense to me and Oxygen not only provides me the tools but also explains why certain training techniques are recommended.
    Working out makes me feel strong, empowered and sexy. I am not a fitness model and have always admired them. One day, I was blown away when I saw a female fitness competitor doing full body pull ups in a local gym. You see, I always thought that only fitness competitive individuals, gymnasts, and body builders can do that. But I was determined to try. It took me a while to get to 1 repetition but I hit a plateau at 7 repetitions. I knew that if I want to keep building up my strength and muscles, the last piece of the equation is to eat clean. Robert Kennedy has mentioned this several times in the magazine. But I never practiced that. I love food too much and still do. I get derailed by the weekend cocktails, beer, wine, and greasy bar food every Friday night and sometimes all day Saturday. Not that I binge but just ate whatever I wanted in social gatherings. I try to eat healthy during the weekdays so I figured that twice a week indulgences should be ok. Isn’t that why we work out? So that we can indulge during the weekends? The workout after a night of drinking and bad eating seem to be much harder the next day, and I seem to go back 3 steps in my strength. My strength is only regained after the 3rd day from the weekend. I am not saying that one glass of wine will do this to me but then most of us or at least folks that I know do not have just one drink either on Friday nights or Saturdays so you get the idea.
    Anyways, I found out that I was pregnant several weeks back. I am only 38 years old and about to have my first baby. I decided that I need to feed my body well so that my baby gets the right nourishment. I had also been reading up on the Eat Clean Diet and decided to follow the plan but ate a little more than what’s suggested since my goal is not to lose weight. I want to allow myself to gain the pregnancy weight in a healthy way. Since I cannot have my weekly cocktails, I decided to take this opportunity to allow me to keep up my strength and continue building my muscles instead of just gaining unhealthy fat. I’m still allowing myself to indulge but am a little more conscious of the amount and type of food. I don’t know if this happens to everyone else but I always seem to have super greasy food after I have some drinks.
    Hence 2 weeks ago, I documented what I ate and followed the Eat Clean Diet guidelines, with larger portions. I have never liked oatmeal but managed to figure out a way to make it palatable and even delicious. There are many substitutions that one could make as long as you understand the portions and formulas. My strength has gained strides that I have never felt. Eating clean since 2 weeks ago has allowed me to overcome my plateaus. I also followed the “Four Weeks to a Sexy & Sleep V-Taper Back routine on page 66 of July 2009 issue.
    Today, I managed to do 12 pull ups and the feeling of accomplishment is indescribable. Even my husband is amazed. Oxygen is right. Eating right and clean is 80% of the fitness equation. The thing to consider is…HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT IT? Thank you Oxygen and for the Eat Clean Diet book. What I have learnt will stay with me for the rest of my life and for my family.