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Monday, January 31, 2011

Do you feel guilty?

In my weekend reading, I came across an article that talked about how fitness buffs like you and me actually create anxiety in the minds of many; that our love of fitness and health can often be interpreted as bullying. Yikes! And here I was thinking it was inspiring! 

Question: Do you feel guilty when you don't work out?  Or make others feel guilty - even inadvertently? Just wondering.....  


  1. For sure I do!!! I'm working on not feeling guilty as I am realizing that I need to do a better job of balancing my workouts. I need to incorporate a period of rest in between some tough weeks of workouts. I feel guilty not showing up to the gym when my buddies are there and I worry that my body is going to go back to the way that it was. I need to trust the discipline of the fitness regime, but I'm certainly not there yet. Ask me again on Thursday once I've had my fitness assessment! :)

  2. Yup, I do feel guilty.

    I was also told that I "bullied" a few of my running friends to run a half marathon later this year. To be honest I do not think that I bullied them I just thought that It would a good idea if we all did it together :(

  3. Not sure if I would call it guilt that I feel when I miss a workout but I definately regret missing one! May be slightly addicted to exercise ? :) As far as others... I don't bully but certainly try to encourage/support and lead by example. I certainly hope they don't see it as bullying!

  4. Thanks gals! I suppose there are worse things to be doing than 'bullying' people to get healthy....but what's worse? Silently worrying about your loved ones long term health or being perceived as a relentless 'bully'? (dare I say nag?)


  5. I don't feel guilty but I do get frustrated when I can't get my workout in. Others sometimes feel guilty when they see me working out - like on my girl's weekend trip. But I can't let others' issues affect me. I work out to feel good and that makes me a better friend and a better person. So I can't feel any guilt about that!

  6. I do feel guilty at times. Like I'm taking time away from my family, but I know I am a better wife and mother when I get my workout in. I especially feel guilty when we are on vacation and I must get my workout in. Again I feel like I'm taking time from my family for the vacation, but in order for me to enjoy I need my "fix". I also don't plan playmates (kids play in the gym childcare) or day time dates with friends during my scheduled workout time. It can sometimes get in the way of me seeing people.