OxygenD's Editor Blog with Diane Hart

Monday, February 7, 2011

What a (fat) blast!

Thanks go out to Terry Goodlad whose website bodysport.com featured our new Fat Loss Special and a brief write up about it...I have to say we've received great feedback from this issue - thanks too for all your comments etc about the issue! (doesn't Chady look amazing?????)

Question: What key item would like to see in our next special issue on Abs? More routines, more info about our models? Or more recipes? 


  1. More routines :) Having different workouts to choose from keeps me from hitting that dreaded plateau!

  2. Got it! I'm with you mixedmomma - just hate that plateau! (p.s. I think you'll love one of the routines we're planning that involves only your own body weight - really interesting moves!)

    Thanks for touching base!


  3. I like the info about the models, particularly about those who aren't trainers but have office jobs (Miryah Scott, Deena Walsh) or are moms. Women who are dedicated to fitness and look great but have more than fitness in their lives.