OxygenD's Editor Blog with Diane Hart

Friday, July 16, 2010

Meet us at the wall!

Check out one of the ways we watch Oxygen and its Collector's Issues evolve every month – the mini-wall!


  1. Hi there!!
    Very interesting seeing how a magazine comes to life!
    I always peruse first front to back and then go back and actually read the articles.
    Oh and any magazine with Jamie on the cover is for sure in my shopping cart!
    Loved the glutes issue .... lots of great information!
    Keep up the great work:)

  2. First saw the wall in the documentary The September Issue. Great to see it for Oxygen. I love reading your mag from front to back. What I would love are sticky tabs I can rip from the book and mark a recipe or specific workout with so it's an easy flip the 2nd time I pull it out!

  3. I read from front to back too. Robyn's tab suggestion is spot on! It would be nice to have ones like Lucky magazine has, different colors and maybe that say- arms, legs, abs, eating clean, ect.