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Monday, July 5, 2010

Glutes goes on sale tomorrow!

The Glutes special goes on sale TOMORROW!! Everyone at the office is super excited. I can't wait to see it on newsstands!


  1. This magazine rocks, love the workouts and how the talk about how much you should eat in easy terms, fist, palm etc. Great magazine!!!!! Worth every penny!

  2. Appalling - simply appalling.

    I was excited to pick up this special edition of your magazine - until I saw an idiotic question posted in a Q & A section.
    Because I did not buy the issue, I cannot reference the page number where the ridiculous question was featured, but the gist of it was a woman seeking advice as to how she could eliminate the "crease" her husband oh so helpfully pointed out that she has at the bottom of her bum. As if this guy weren't nice enough just to draw her attention to this feature of her rump, he then proceeded to show her pictures of women in Playboy (airbrushed, no doubt), who allegedly did not have this unsightly "crease."

    Are you freaking kidding me? Editors - where were your heads when you decided to print this inane question?! First off, the husband is an insensitive moron. Secondly, the woman herself appears not too bright for taking his insensitive comment (and a highly unrealistic portrayal of a woman's body) to heart. I'm sure you receive hundreds, if not thousands, of questions per month. You really couldn't find a better one to publish than this?!? Seriously?!?
    Well, thanks for saving me money - I didn't buy your crappy issue and am not likely to purchase any of your publications in the future. I'll seek exercise and health advice from a more reputable source.

  3. I love Oxygen Magazine. It's the only magazine I currently subscribe to and I read it cover to cover most times. I mean I'm always telling people about this magazine and even buy extra copies from time to time and pass them out! However, in the latest Glutes issue, I was very dissappointed with the question about a woman getting the "crease" off her butt after her husband pointed out that the playboy models don't have a "crease"!!! I was even more disappointed that when the question was answered, it didn't mention anything about how unrealistic it is to compare a real woman to a playboy picture. Please tell me this type of insensitivity will not happen again because I would hate to loose respect for a Magazine Family that I admire so much!

    On a brighter note, I can't wait to train with this latest issue! Thanks for putting Jamie on the cover. She's so sweet and one of my Fitspirations!!!

  4. I am amazed that any living human being has such a remarkable body fat percentage and muscle tone.

    I don't care how good your genetics may be, getting a result like Jamie's is the result of study, hard work, and careful and intelligent diet.

    So keep up the good work, and congratulations on the great result!