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Friday, July 2, 2010

Lift your glutes...with Lindsay

Take a look at our Glutes photo shoot with Lindsay Kaye. It was her first ever Oxygen shoot and she did such a fantastic job with "Give Your Glutes a Lift!" on page 50 and "Take Inches Off Your Hips" on page 90. I can't believe the issue goes on sale next week!! You can pre-order it here or get it on newsstands Tuesday July 6th. p.s. Watch the video to hear Lindsay talk about her top three glutes moves. What are yours?


  1. I cannot wait for this issue to come out!

    Top 3 moves:
    1. plie squat
    2. stiff dead lift
    3. leg press

  2. Weighted bridge.

  3. Top 3:
    Split Squat
    Plie squat
    Anything in my Advanced Yoga practice - they dont' call it a Yoga Butt for no reason.

  4. Hope you don't mind a comment from a 60 year old dude. I am doing the 8 exercise routine page 51 fitness model Lindsay Kaye because of the reference to "Pilates" and my lower back problems. After a week it's making a difference.

    TIP: any time you are doing a one-legged stand like the standing seesaw, pick a spot on the wall to concentrate on thru the movement and hold. It'll help with your balance.

  5. Does anyone know what shoes she's wearing in the magazine (the white ones)? They look like Adidas, but I can't tell.... gotta have these!! Thanks! -thelastword7@yahoo.com