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Monday, December 21, 2009

New research!

If there is one thing current researchers are citing in journals it's this – women, far more than men, want emotional and social support and encouragement from friends and family members when it comes to physical activity. A study cited in a recent issue of The American Journal of Health Promotion says the research is pervasive – emotional support is also a major factor in women (again, much more than men) sticking with the kind of training they are doing. What's fascinating to me is that women seek out magazines – like Oxygen and its specials – for support and that is precisely what we offer. So, think of our Oxygen collector's issues in exactly that way – we are literally packing the pages with the kind of information and encouragement you need for a balanced, well-rounded life. Check it out on December 29th! (And let me know if you look for external support from friends and family...and any obstacles that have come your way – I'll get a bunch together and share them with you!) See you on Friday.

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