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Friday, December 18, 2009

Age is no excuse!

When it comes to fitness or eating clean, you have to listen to others (truly). At least, that's what I learned chatting to veteran bodybuilders Anja Langer and Marjo Selin when I joined the two of them and best-selling author and columnist Tosca Reno for a day this past summer. These three women were so inspiring – each shared how she modified her training and diet as she aged. All were unanimous in one thought – you can't use your age as an excuse to gain weight and get out of shape. And these three formidable women were living examples of exactly that premise. I recalled our conversation this summer when I spoke to Oxygen's Fat Loss special collector's issue cover girl Kim Dolan-Leto on set during her photo shoot. Check out our conversation on my blog over the next couple months. And keep an eye out for the special, on newsstands December 29! p.s. keep training – it'll keep you sane over the holidays!

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