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Monday, April 11, 2011

California bound!

Heading to sunny (hopefully!) California this week and can't wait! Am frantically trying to get things in order before I leave but wanted to drop in and say hello to all. I've been trying to crank up the miles on the weekends - with the half marathon looming in less than a month, it's about time! But I also wanted to hit my upper body in the gym and that's what I did on Sunday....paying the price today!

Question: When you work out for longer than an hour, how do you refuel? Sports drink, protein shake, goo????? Or do you stick to water until you get a chance to grab a carbs/protein snack?

Let me know! I want to try it out wayyyyy before the race!


  1. I go for a few packets of Gu while I'm running my half marathons. Otherwise, if it's just strength training I make sure to eat some oatmeal & protein before my workouts, then get a shake in right after.

    I however do not recommend eating a packet of Gu then taking an ounce of water or a sports drink right after during a road race. Your belly will feel a little weird!!

    Hope that helps!

  2. It's water, water, water for me. After my workout, I have a big protein packed shake and it tastes good! :)

  3. Plant-based Vega Sport Optimizer recovery drink. Amazing! I literally went from aching muscles for three days to barely hurting for one day post-workout! http://astore.amazon.com/domestica-20/detail/B002ZOEIXY

  4. Thanks guys! I actually didn't add the big miles I needed to but let me tell you that running up those big mountains in California was tough! Even 6 miles felt like 16!

    I'm going to try out some new protein shakes - if you have any great recipes let me know!