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Monday, December 13, 2010

Outdoor motivation?

Unless you're in Hawaii (lucky you!) as some of our readers are, most of us are grappling with a real winter this year! But, you know, I don't mind bundling up to go for a run or make extra time to get to the gym for a workout....at this time of year I feel it's as critical for my stress level as sleep and eating clean. But I'd love to know if you have any tips about making it easier - I saw in Cosco the other day grippers for shoes and I wondered if any of you have tried them out at all? Or do you simply take to the treadmill in the winter? Stay warm and I'll chat to you later this week!


  1. We use them to run in the winter. If you are running on snow they work well.

  2. I love getting outside in the cold winter months! Tips for making it enjoyable? Choose an activity that can't help but be fun...sledding (glute work dragging yourself back up the hill), skating (legs), build a snowman (upper body)...but really, the cold winter months don't have to stop you from enjoying your outdoor fitness. You just have to tweak things a bit. I wrote a post about this on my blog, A Daily Dose of Fit. Check it out: http://tarasabo.blogspot.com/2010/12/baby-its-cold-outside.html

  3. Thanks for the tip MissHaneefa - I just may give them a shot! And Tara, I agree with what you said - nothing like the winter to get you moving!!!
    Keep in touch!

    - Diane

  4. I like to ski and snowboard in the winter, but running outside for me, is reserved for better weather! I do end up doing a lot more indoor cardio in the winter. I try to keep it interesting by doing lots of plyometric movements and switching things up! Of course I bring my Oxygen mag to read when on the stairmaster! Great new issue! Oh, and I am lucky enough to be going to Maui the day after Christmas for a week, so that has kept me motivated to get my workouts and cardio in! Happy Holidays and thank you for all of your well researched articles, recipes and everything else!


  5. Tara, I'm so jealous! Maui! Let me know what it's like - enjoy your holiday and stay happy and healthy! Keep in touch.