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Monday, August 23, 2010

Do you eat enough?

This may sound a little crazy but when it comes to active women like you and me, the idea of not eating enough may be a more common problem that you may think. In the September issue of Oxygen magazine, writer Jennifer Sygo tackled the issue and already we are hearing from readers like you...here is just a sample of what you have to say:
I never realized how few calories I consume on a daily until I started keeping a food diary. I was trying to lose weight and hitting the gym frequently, however the weight just would not come off! After looking at my daily caloric intake I was shocked. Some days I consumed as little as 600 calories, not intentionally but simply based on my busy schedule. My average caloric intake was around 900. Obviously NOT ENOUGH for someone working out and trying to lose weight! This is a major problem and one that I believe more women suffer from but are probably unaware of how severe a problem this is.
- Sarah D, oxygenmag.com/eatmore
So why not pick up the September issue and let me know what you think!p.s. and here's an unabashed plug for my book, Pick it Kick it as yet another tool you should be using in your get-fit/stay-fit Oxygen lifestyle. You can buy it at pickitkickit.com


  1. New blog design on this page looks great Diane, I got the pick it kick it book, I really like it and the recipes are really easy and tasty.

  2. Let me recommend - www.getfitbook.com - great tool!

  3. Thanks for deleting the comment I took pains to write. I guess disagreeing with you and pointing out the obvious is just verboten.

    As I said, I'm a subscriber. The deletion of my comment is leaving me with a bad impression of your magazine.

  4. Hey methinks....I didn't delete anything! No idea about what's happened to your comment but our tech people are checking it out! And, just as an aside, I love people who disagree with me - what a lame kind of world it would be if we only had people who agreed with each other so I say - bring it on! Susan, glad you like the book and Kristin, thanks for sharing!!!!!