OxygenD's Editor Blog with Diane Hart

Friday, August 20, 2010

All the gals!

Standing with me at our recent shoot at the beach (hey it's a tough job, no kidding!!!!!) is make-up and styling guru Nancy Jambazian, editor-in-chief of Oxygen Stacy Kennedy and model Melissa Pittman....what a great shoot!!! Look for Melissa's photo by Stewart Volland in our next Oxygen special issue Off the Couch! (when she splashed her leg she got me soaking wet!!!!!)


  1. You have the most fun job!

  2. Hi Diane!

    I'm super psyched that Oxygen has a blog! :) I just started working out again and need as much motivation as I can LOL. Look forward to reading more of your blog!


  3. Hi gals,

    Yes, Kristin, you're right - I have to admit that it's a great job! Dawn, know this: we all inspire each other so if you have any tips for others who are just starting out or getting back to it, please share!

    Just getting set for our lunchtime running group....this time in the rain!

  4. Yes, not eating enough causes weight gain and prevents weight loss. That's why anorexics are so darn fat.

    I love the magazine and subscribe to it, but I just can't abide by these myths any longer.

    You have a sedentary job as do I. I work out hard two hours per day and that's really less than our bodies were designed to do daily. Every time I've upped my calorie intake to support my "hard workouts" on the advice of crack nutritionists, I get fat and lethargic.

    If you eat when you're hungry and you eat very clean, you should not have a weight problem in the absence of a hormonal condition.

  5. Off the Couch! Was my introduction to Oxygen magazine and the eating clean lifestyle. When will the next special issue of "Off the Couch!" be released?