OxygenD's Editor Blog with Diane Hart

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cover model reveals all! (sort of)

Now I'm not saying on this early Monday morning that I am trying to be provocative; that our mag is one of those tell-all rags spilling secrets of the rich and famous (hello, Kitty Kelley!). In fact, we try very hard to get it right every month, including getting all kinds of personal information about our models. We know you like it (and so do we!). Take cover model Miryah Scott who tells her story in Oxygen's Abs Special issue and will be continuing the conversation in Oxygen later this summer (her first column starts in July, so keep an eye out for it). It may not be as fascinating as Oprah's unauthorized bio but you'll learn something new about this interesting gal, that I can promise you. What I've learned recently is this: the more you know, the better. Be it about training, nutrition or what makes somebody tick – soak it all up. You never know who or what will be your next source of inspiration. Have a great, active week!