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Friday, April 9, 2010

Behind-the-scenes cover shoot

So here we are – Miryah (centre), our new cover model for the new Abs issue, just out this week, Erin (right) our art director, and yours truly, getting in a few laughs after a long day on set. I have to say it was an inspiring day! After getting Miryah to try on – and shoot her in a half dozen bathing suits – Miryah tried on a pair of her own jeans (that fit her like a glove, btw) and suddenly it worked! She relaxed into the moment. And that moment was caught by photographer Paul Buceta and became our cover shot! Confidence is truly magical! And isn't that true for all of us? You don't have to be a cover model to realize that being comfortable and feeling good in your own skin translates into confidence. And, maybe, just maybe, we should gain confidence not in wearing what we think we should – but in what we're comfortable in; what's good for us! But tell me – Is that true for you? Do you feel more confident when you're in your own jeans?

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  1. I feel more confident in jeans that fit well, definitely.