OxygenD's Editor Blog with Diane Hart

Monday, November 23, 2009

"I finally got up off this couch!"

Thanks again for all the messages from all of you! Here’s a letter I wanted to share with you from a reader who has transformed her life in the best – and most sustaining – way…step by step.

“I was always the one sitting on the couch reading my Oxygen mag, drinking my soda, eating some kind of junk and thinking I could never look like a model in your magazine. Well, after a few years of this, I finally got up off this couch and now have lost 22 pounds! I know I have a long road to go but I will get there. Here’s my tip: Start out slow. Start walking – even if it’s just one block a day. And change the way you eat! I now eat off a smaller plate, no longer drink seven or eight sodas every day and never take a second helping. Today, I jog and walk up to six miles a day. I love the journey I am on!”

I love hearing from you! Let me in on your story here.


  1. Very inspirational! I agree ... starting small was definitely the key to my own success, that way you don't get burnt out and fail.

  2. We love the behind the scenes footage! Everyone here at work await every Friday and every Monday to see if you have posted any more behind the scenes with Amy! We have formed a walking group here at work.. and if someone maks an excuse.. we say "what would Amy say?" she keeps us motivated...even though she is not here with us... we would love to meet her.. see more behind the scenes footage.. a "where is she now?" and another cover shot.. I can imagine.. she looks better than ever! thanks Oxygen!