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Monday, November 9, 2009

Amy tells you how to set your goals

Do your long term goals seem overwhelming? Often, I find them daunting and that's when I turn to other people to see what they've done. Oxygen's Off the Couch! cover gal Amy Barnes, for instance, had an inspirational weight loss journey that took almost five years (and 339lbs!).  Amy set herself up for success by working at it slowly. Check out this video for more of her tips on how to stay motivated! Let me know what you think.


  1. I saw Amy today on the Today show. She looks great! I'm so happy for her! I wish they had let her talk about how she did it more but I hope it spurs people to look into it. Way to go Amy!

    Goals are so important!

  2. I agree! She is a continued inspiration! I know that I read somewhere she followed Tosca's Eat Clean Diet. She also blogged about it and how Tosca was her hero! I went and picked up the most recent cookbook.. it has a lot of great things in it! I saw pictures of her from the bodyproud competition.. she is stunning! Amy, you are my hero.. keep it up girl, you inspire us all.