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Friday, September 24, 2010

Ava's in Vegas!

Gaspari Nutrition's Ava Cowan was our last model of the day on Thursday and what an inspiration she was! She'll be at the Gaspari booth Friday and Saturday. We had the chance to ask her a few questions about her fit lifestyle.

How do you stay on track with fitness, especially when you’re not competing?
I think about just how easy it is to gain extra body fat and how hard it is to lose. That keeps me from going crazy with the treats.

Who inspires you the most?
Pauline Nordin – she is always in shape.

What is your most memorable moment on stage?
At my first show when I won the Overall at the 2005 Southern States. That was one of the best moments of my life.

What is your greatest strength in and out of the gym?
I never give up, no matter what.

This year, you’re not competing but you have commitments with your sponsor – what does that involve?
I go to local stores to educate others about Gasapri Nutrition. I shoot information content for the website. Along with video for GaspariTV. I make appearances at the large shows as well as photo shoots for Gaspari’s products and magazines.

You can find out more about Ava on her website here:

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