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Friday, February 5, 2010

"If I laugh, it hurts!"

Ok, I admit to the irony – we are in the midst of putting together our next Oxygen Collector's Issue devoted to abs and mine are so sore it honestly hurts to laugh (or cough)! What happened? I discovered the addition of a new piece of equipment here at our gym – the captain's chair! (Yes, we feel lucky to have an on-site gym for lunch hour workouts.) I couldn't resist – I had to try it out! Today, I'm paying the price for being overly enthusiastic – it honestly hurts to laugh (and I love to laugh!). In any case, I'll wait a while before doing my next abs workout. And if you have any stories to share about your own abs training, I'd love to know! (We can commiserate together!) Have a great weekend. We'll chat Monday.


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  2. I did circuits yesterday..I can't laugh today either! Good and bad at the same time, isn't it ;)

  3. Kristin, you're right on the mark....as much as I complain about how sore my abs are, I actually relish the fact they hurt. (a little is ok by me!) At least I know I'm working hard! You'll find some new ways to work your abs in our upcoming special issue- stay tuned!