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Monday, February 8, 2010

I love my gym time!

Wasn't the Super Bowl exciting? I'm so happy the Saints pulled it off! I love resiliency and determination – and they've spurred me on to new vigor in the gym! Today, for example, I'm heading in for my new total-body workout, the third part of it. And I know that the Captain's Chair will figure into it near the end. So, with trying to get my abs in tip-top shape, I'll be getting into the gym we have here at the office and doing my weights close to the Captain's Chair so I can hop on and finish my workout on the Chair. Hey, it's all about efficiency, right? As for stretching, I'm the absolute worst! If you have any ideas at all on how to fit stretching into a lunchtime workout, I'm all ears! Have a great week, stay as determined as the Saints to meet your goals, and we'll chat again on Friday!


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  2. I love to add mini-stretches in between exercises. For instance, if I am doing any shoulder work, its very easy to add in a couple of one-leg deadlifts for the stretch. I also try to incorporate bikram yoga poses between exercises. This type of stretch helps with balance and flexibility.