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Friday, January 22, 2010

Training tips?

Texting in from the West Coast. I took a few days off work and I'm finding it challenging to take time to train while I'm out here. How do you exercise when you're off of your regular schedule? I need some pointers!

Back to the grind on Monday. See you then.


  1. Hi there! Being a flight attendant, I am often «out of my regular trainning schedule»! In lay overs, I always bring my elastic bands, my Ipod and some running shoes. So, if there's no gym in the hotel i am staying in, I can train in my room. I usually do a 30-45 minutes circuit workout with the music pumpin'in my hears! :)

  2. Funny you should mention this, I was also on the west coast last week. Like Julie, I bring my bands, running shoes and Ipod (w/workouts from mybodybeats.com), my travel pass (in case my gym is in the area and I can squeeze in a workout), but if all else fails, there is nothing better than walking the hills of SF (or anywhere you could be) while on a trip.

  3. Some of the girls I work with bring as well their laptop and dvd's workout so they can have an aerobic workout in their room... They'res no way to get lazy... lol Like Ms. PumpanRun says, walking a hill is an easy way to work out, a walk or even the hotel stairs can be your best friends...