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Monday, January 18, 2010

It's all about the shoes!

A friend of mine went away for the weekend and took (I kid you not!) eight pairs of shoes/boots – is that not insane? Not that I'm averse to great shoes – but that seems a little excessive, even to me! But shoes do matter – on the street, in the office and especially in the gym. A reader contacted me the other day asking about shoes worn by model Fran Dennis in our Oxygen Collector's Special, Off the Couch! She wondered what brand of shoes Fran was wearing for the outdoor stretch feature "Get Lean & Tall in Minutes." (p.s. we checked it out and they are actually Diesel shoes.) Thanks, by the way, for taking time in this crazy world to send me your comments about our new Oxygen special: Fat Loss...it's the perfect time of year to derive great inspiration and we give that (and more) to you! Keep those comments coming – I read each and every one! Let me know the best tip you received from Fat Loss (even if it is only about shoes). Talk to you Friday!


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  2. Hey Diane,

    Check out my blog Diary of a Figure Competitor - Lean Down 2010, and watch the fat melt off of me as I prepare for this years contest season.
    www. gwleandown2010.blogspot.com


  3. Speaking about Off the Couch...When is Amy coming back?