OxygenD's Editor Blog with Diane Hart

Friday, May 27, 2011

It's almost here!

We are so excited about the look and feel of our new website - working with such a talented team here at Oxygen is always terrific but it's been heightened by the creativity and superb problem solving that have taken place over the past several months. From ideas scrawled on post-it notes to a finely tuned, richly designed site packed with energy and information, it's been an amazing process - I truly think I've learned a tremndous amount and I'm hoping you'll agree that our new site is worth visiting (a ton of times!). Kudos to everyone on the art and edit sides of Oxygen who even at this moment are in "all hands on deck" mode putting the finishing touches on it - what a tremendous output of work from all. 

I'm inviting all of you to keep an eye on this blog because I'm hoping to l have some interesting sneak previews! Stay tuned! 

Question: What do you like on your favorite fitness websites? 


  1. Lots of videos are always a nice addition to really understand the proper form of exercises.

  2. Elise, you'll be happy to learn we've been shooting madly for the past couple months and we'll have lots of training videos for you! Stay tuned!