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Friday, June 17, 2011

New blog address...

Diane's Editor blog has moved...

You can check out the latest posts here!

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Monday, May 30, 2011

R & R

I don't know why - maybe it's in anticiapation of my son Drew coming home unexpectedly this week - but I got tons of rest this weekend and I am more energized than ever! I have to say that until recently I've been trying to pack lots of stuff into my weekends.But I am coming to respect the value of R & R on my mind - and my body. Tomorrow we start up our lunchtime running group again and I'll be ready! 

Question: Do you think you get enough rest?

Friday, May 27, 2011

It's almost here!

We are so excited about the look and feel of our new website - working with such a talented team here at Oxygen is always terrific but it's been heightened by the creativity and superb problem solving that have taken place over the past several months. From ideas scrawled on post-it notes to a finely tuned, richly designed site packed with energy and information, it's been an amazing process - I truly think I've learned a tremndous amount and I'm hoping you'll agree that our new site is worth visiting (a ton of times!). Kudos to everyone on the art and edit sides of Oxygen who even at this moment are in "all hands on deck" mode putting the finishing touches on it - what a tremendous output of work from all. 

I'm inviting all of you to keep an eye on this blog because I'm hoping to l have some interesting sneak previews! Stay tuned! 

Question: What do you like on your favorite fitness websites? 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Electrolyte imbalance?

I'm a big believer in the basic act of hydration - I tend to drink water all day, in fact! But I have noticed that my fingers cramp up a lot and I'm toying with some new ways to stop the muscle cramping that's been plaguing me lately. Just wondering what you think? 

Question: Have you ever grappled with electrolyte imbalances? 

Monday, May 16, 2011

I did it!

I'm sitting here this morning admittedly a little sore from the half-marathon yesterday and yet also euphoric. At the time, I have to admit I felt a little nervous ... After all, I had only done a modicum of the training and I wondered how I would do during the race - hopefully I'd finish! Standing with my colleagues Wendy and Gabby at the start, I was, I have to admit, filled with trepidation. (thanks, btw, to those of you who commented on my blog prior to the race!)

Despite the nerves, I set out to enjoy every minute of it - and I did! There is such a tremendous feeling of self-accomplishment in not only finishing the race in a decent time but enjoying it so much. Why did I ever think it was going to be a slog? In fact, there were LOL moments from the enthusiastic crowd who showed up along the race, despite the inclement weather; I was smiling at some of their antics...signs like "Chafe today; boast tomorrow!" brought a big smile to my face.

And I loved the runners - an older gentlemman wearing a "80-year-old grandad runner!" T-shirt as he chugged along or the guy who wore an "Older than Boston" T-shirt; and then the spectators: a jazz trio taking refuge in a lakefront gazebo; a little girl holding a rain-spattered "I love you Mom" sign; an older woman politely saying "Good Morning" to all the runners from her lawn chair and all the volunteers handing out Gatorade and water throughout the race.....

Later on, as my guy and I stood in line at the grocery store, a proud father was telling the clerk about how his son had actually raced that morning in the marathon and my fella said the same: she did it too, he said, pride evident in his voice.

How fantastic and how gratifying! Sore muscles, who cares?????

Question: What recently gave you a sense of self-accomplishment?

Friday, May 13, 2011

The race is here!

Ok, so I have butterflies in my stomach and the half-marathon is still two days away! Here at the office, those of us who signed up and have been running together at lunchtime are at that rueful stage of "this did seem like a good idea six months ago!" But I have to admit I am starting to get excited....weather is supposed to be cold, rainy and windy so wish us all luck!

What's your best advice for surviving the elements?????

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Melissa Pittman: Abs Cover Girl

Have you seen our Abs special yet? It's full of really easy and practical tips on how to get and maintain a flat belly!

Check out my interview with our fab abs cover girl Melissa Pittman! She's so great to work with - a mother of two as well! Let me know what you think!!!!!