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Friday, February 11, 2011

My pet peeve: pushy trainers

What is it about some trainers? Don't get me wrong; I've been privileged to meet - and train with - some of the best in the business. But it irks me to no end to watch a trainer make his or her client do something potentially dangerous or beyond her capability just because the trainer says so.  

Question: What's the worst thing you've seen in a gym? Let's compare notes! 


  1. Saw a trainer having a 60 something year old women performing stiff-legged deadlifts standing on a bench...with poor form! And then roll outs with cable resistance! Same trainer asked me to be his training partner. :) Don't think so but thanks.
    Agreed trainers need to push beyond your 'comfort zone' but not beyond the safety of your capabilities...

  2. The busiest trainer in my gym has a 40+ female clientele who all spend more time gawking and pawing at him than they do working out! And he loves it! The only sweat those girls are breaking during their "work-out" is getting their heart rate up due to a lustful pitter-patter!

  3. I actually saw a trainer stack several exercise steps on top of one another and then get his client to jump up and down off them to get in shape for skiing.When she clearly was finding this difficult, he just said 'keep going' rather than reduce the number of steps....yikes! I am in total agreement about the need for safety - always good, as FitMom says, to challenge yourself but not at the risk of compromising safety. As for the "lustful pitter-patter' comment from natashakay, all too true! (what, btw, do you think he's charging for his 'work'? A ton of cash I bet!!!!)

    - Diane

  4. I always always always listen to my clients!!! There's a difference between genuine concern about the way their knee, shoulder, back, etc feel and pushing them to the point of injury.